Chioma, Davido Marriage in Trouble Over 4th Babymama and Other Issues


Chioma, Davido Marriage in Trouble Over 4th Babymama and Other Issues

Keeping a healthy relationship especially in the public eyes is one of the hardest things to do, especially if you are a promiscuous man and also have a bit of ego.

Chioma and Davido have been riding on a very rough patch in their relationship for a while. The couple have already grew apart even before Chioma put to bed as there were several noise about Davido sneaking around with other females while she was carrying their baby. By the way, those rumours have turned out to be true, but that is not the only issue chopping down the relationship.

There were also stories from Chioma’s previous relationship with her ex, which people on the internet dug up and were news to Davido, just simply put – Davido did not know everything about Chioma’s past as well.

The combination of this factors stretched their relationship to the limit, but they survived, right up until the whole Coronavirus situation.

Remember, there were news that Chioma had the virus? Well, it appears that might not be completely true because the couple had started getting into physical confrontations which had led to Chioma bearing some face marks from Davido’s palm – so, the whole COVID-19 positive thing was just a ploy to give Chioma time to recover from the entire situation.

The last straw was the 4th babymama from London, Larissa London who was just a makeup artist on set of Davido’s concert and music video, surprisingly she had an affair with Davido and turned out to be another baby for the super star.

Davido recently relocated to Banana Island and it was so obvious that none of his family was present nor was Chioma anywhere in the frame.

Davido had once confessed that he loved Chioma because of her cooking skills and food, which is great! but he has not shown any of her cooked meals (the way he used to do) in a long time! Simply put, Chioma has not cooked any meal for him recently.

As things stand, Chioma has disengaged from Davido (they were previously engaged) and is planning her own life with her kid, who is the sole male heir to Davido’s wealth and inheritance.


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