N-Power :Minister Allocates  200  Slots To Each Senator, 150 For House Of Reps Members  


The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, Sadiya Umar Farouq, finally fulfilled her commitment to convert the N-Power scheme to political patronage.

In an investigation carried out by the SaharaReporters says contrary to the failed attempt by the Nigerian Senate’s spokesperson to defend the allocation of N-Power slots to the parliamentarians and other politicians, it has confirm the breakdown of allocation of slots to the National Assembly.

According to the report a member of the parliament concerned about the deceit playing between the parliamentarians and the minister confessed to SaharaReporters how the minister allocated slots in the N-Power to the National Assembly.

In the sharing formular, each member of the leadership of the Assembly is allocated 500 slots; each senator got 200 slots and each House of Representatives member was given 150 slots.

Farouq converted the successful youth empowerment programme to a bazaar and political patronage.

Ministry Of Humanitarians Affairs Gives N-Power Recruitment Slots To Senate President, Other Lawmakers Ahead Of Ordinary Citizens

Other ministers have also been allocated 100 slots each by Farouq and forms are freely distributed in government offices in Abuja to aides and others.



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