NSITF Board Dissolution: You  lie, Governing Board did not meet- NECA to Ngige


The Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association (NECA) have said contrary to the several reports in the National media insinuating that the Governing Board of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund(NSITF) met to consider alleged infractions against the management of NSITF and consequently made recommendations to the Hon Minister of Labour Senator Chris Ngige, no such meeting ever held.

In a statement by NECA signed by it Director General, Mr Timothy Olawale, NECA  said the public is being misinformed that due process was followed by the Minister in seeking Presidency’s approval for actions against the Fund’s management.

He said : “While not holding brief for the Management of NSITF, NECA wishes to set the record straight that it is not against investigation or probe of NSITF management if Government so wishes.

“NECA is an independent organization representing the interests of Employers of Labour who contributes the largest pool of fund to NSITF.

“Our aversion is against being used through impersonation to give credence to illegality of circumventing due process of doing what is right through the Governing Board of the Fund.

“We wish to clarify that there was no deliberation at any time at the board on matters bordering on alleged financial infractions by the management. These issues were never brought up, referred to the board or tabled for consideration, not to talk of any correspondence from the board to the Honourarable minister for actions”.

Olawale said the records are there for verification and members of the board including representatives of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on the Board are also alive to verify the truth.

He said NECA is not against the Minister as head of the supervising Ministry taking whatever actions he deemed right in his capacity but takes exception to misrepresentation and misleading information to the public.

“It would be interesting in public interest to divulge the identities of the board members behind the said petition.

“Some stakeholders may be fooled by misinformation and misrepresentations, but NECA refuses to fall for illegality as we owe contributors to the Fund who are employers of labour represented by us and the citizenry the duty of due diligence and forthrightness.

“As for repeated references to complicity by past representatives of NECA’ on the board, the matter has been investigated by government agencies and is currently a subject of Litigation in the courts. We will not dwell on it as it is subjudice,” Olawale said.


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