It is an abuse to the memory of the victims of Boko Haram insurgency when the Government neglect the people in the Internally Displaced Persons( IDP) camp to take care of the same criminal who unleashed terror on the society.

The Government should be careful with the treatment of the self acclaimed repentant Bokoharam terrorist so that the society and intended criminal will not have the perception that the state as a reward system for criminality . Sometimes perception is worst than reality.

Has the Government thought about the psychological trauma on the victims of terrorist attacks having to live with same criminal who rape and killed some of their family members ?

I hope the terrorist are ready to occupy the same geographical location with the same people they once called an infidel, without going back to the trenches to carry arms against the society.

Has the Government consider the feelings of soldiers on the battle field and the families who lost their loved ones on the battled field?

While the Government may have a good intentions,  it needs to be careful with this policy of  integrating  the ex-terrorists.

I hope the Government realise that eradication of extreme religion idealogy is not sprint race, but a marathon which is neither a knee jerk reaction but consistent efforts.

Aminu Oguche, an accompliced in the Nyanya motor park  bomb blast was left off the hook as a results of lack due diligence prosecution by the Jonathan led administration. This is one of the perceptive indicator in the public space that the Government is not serious about prosecution of this criminal elements .

Why is it taking eternity to prosecute Kabiru Sokoto , the December day bomber ?

The Government needs to realise that a slap on the wrist for terrorist is catalyst which may embolden future criminals


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