Ogun state is one of the breeding ground of quack medical practices in Nigeria. The alarming increase on unapproved medical centre in that part of the country is scary. It is not an overstatement to say that Ogun state contributes to one of the highest maternal mortality rate in the country as a results of the non medical ethical practices of these unscrupulous people parading themselves as birth attendant.

So many unsuspecting and ignorant expectant mothers have been send to their early grave as a results of  unprofessional medical practices. 

The public needs to be educated that its not every lady on white gown is a registered nurse and being an auxiliary nurse simply means that you’re an assistance nurse and not a substitute to a registered nurse.

Am not ignorant of the difficulty in assessing medical treatment in the Government hospitals but we cannot afford to use ourselves as a guinea pig and sacrificial lamb of lack of medical practices monitoring .

Am aware that  medical doctor who cannot afford to pay registered nurses is one of the factors responsible for this long time unchecked unprofessional medical practices . It is no longer news that some private homes  in the remote areas of the state  has become a child delivery center where so many unethical child delivery practices are left unchecked .

The activities of traditional and religious delivery homes needs to be periodically monitor.

The Government and the agencies saddled with the responsibility of monitoring health care facilities need to take the bull by the horn.

The public need to realise that searching for cheap and quick health care and child delivery could be an acts of self immolation . If you must use private health facilities , ensure that it is a registered health facilities and ensure that you look over your shoulder, in the alternative use Government health facilities . Many people avoid using Government health  facilities as a result of impatience . The health workers in the Government hospitals should learn how to treat patients with dignity and respect . Being a patients does not take away their rights and respect .

This is not to exonerate other states of the federation . Am only using Ogun State as a case study of this anomalous health care practices .

Nigeria cannot continue to be the country with the highest maternal mortality rate in 21st century.


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