People need to be enlightened that the CAMA bill is not limited to regulate the administrative activities of religion organizations alone. The bill is also meant to check the excesses of various non – profit organizations such as charities, registered communities development association , tribal associations , Old students association of schools etc .
We cannot play an ostrich about financial impropriety of the executives of some of this association , We cannot pretend to be unaware that NGO is a new money spinning venture in our country today .
So many NGO established solely for personal  enrichment . We are all aware that the various communities association is the cradle of corruption and our old students associations are not left out of this irresponsibility . I still find it difficult to understand why accountability and probity will become an  irritant .
 It is mischievous when our clergy misinform their congregants that the CAMA bill is a subtle way of gagging the church and regulating spiritual activities of their religion establishment . Religion adherents also need to be informed that the law is in their own interests . The public needs to look at the issue from prism devoid of  any religion sentiments .
CAMA has come to stay . Any aggrieved person can go to court rather than print and social media blackmail of the Government . Issues like this is beyond court of public opinions .
Its a display of ignorance to say that the president should withdraw his  assent from a bill that has gone through appropriate legislative process and has been passed into law .
Aggrieved persons or person can also repel the law or correct the perceived grey area in the bill through their  representatives in the legislative assembly .
Religion associations and other association should not wait until they are  caught in the web of the law before they allow reason to prevail.


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