Arise and Thrive with Sola Oluwadare DON’T JUST EXIST LIVE, AND INTENTIONALLY TOO 

Life should be seen as personal intention. God gave you your life to live. Don’t pretend as if you live. Don’t let anyone live your life for you. You don’t have duplicate, you have only one; and that one is the original. You are not here as accident of destiny.
You are here because God wants you to be here. In this atmosphere of despair, you can make the most of your life. Don’t let the current gloom drive you to end of your life. You can still rise again. You can still make that business work. You can still make that marriage work. You can still work out of that debt.  You can still make that Ministry to impact life. You can still get out of that sickness. You can still bid farewell to poverty. Only if you can be intentional about your efforts.
The originality of life starts with intention to succeed despite all odds. If everyone is against you, don’t be against yourself. That will be a tragedy. Please live life intentionally.
Nobody can stop your intention as long as you live. You are entitled to it Just back it up actions. Your creator gave you that intention so that you can make decision with it. Though you can seek the opinion of the people around you concerning the issues of your life, you still have to be intentional in your decision making.  You don’t have to live your life with assumptions. No, you don’t have to. It will not work. You cant afford to be experimenting with your life at a stage. You have to go all out to fulfil destiny.
Let’s think of it. Why do you think human beings don’t want to be intentional? The answer is simple. They think, they don’t own their lives. They expect someone else to take responsibility for their lives. But it cannot work that way. It works when you accept your life to be yours, make choices whether good or bad. You will then accept to work on your mistakes and celebrate your success. That is how you can enjoy your life.
Life is a product of personal adventures; not to make a discovery of that is to live in slavery. Dust off mediocrity, and forge forward to pick up your laurels.


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