0Edo election has come and gone.

The election has been won and lost.

The best won convincingly.

I am going to jettison sportsmanship momentarily to say that there was a victor and a vanquished for the bible in Mathew 23 verse 12 says; “For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted”.

Pastor Ozagie Ize-Iyamu is not the vanquished here but those who heated up the polity; the juggernauts who played god- the likes of Oshiomole, Tinubu, Capt. Osa Òkunbo, the countless supporters like Kabaka and other APC supporters who believe the world should only be viewed from their prism.

The vanquished brought ludicrous acts to the game. Some of them spoke with almost certainty that it was over for Obaseki. They undermined the power of the electorate and leaned on the advantage of belonging to the party in power at the national level to make some undemocratic pronouncements. Their minnows kept rechoing their fearful rhetorics especially on social media. They were vulgar, crude and confident that Edo was in the kitty. They even hit an all time low by making Obaseki’s childlessness a campaign issue.

To Bola Tinubu. I have never seen him as having strong political influence beyond Lagos and Osun states (that is a topic for another day) where his deep pursue works in cahoot with his bootlickers called loyalists. His video before the election did more harm than repair and perhaps strengthened the resolve of Edo people to resist the APC. A politician of his standing noted for devious political moves ought to have seen the handwriting on the wall but vain glory beclouded his judgement rather than the strategic posturing he is noted for. He erred and failed to realise that greatness lies in not being strong but in the use of strength.

To Adams Oshiomole. His fall from grace to grass started from his suspension at his ward. That event could be likened to the ordeal of the famed Basorun Gaa of old Oyo Empire who snatched the wife and most prized possession of a peasant farmer. The farmer in his resolve to avenge sort diabolic powers made into an amulet for him. He took it to Basorun Gaa and struck him with it, that rendered Basorun Gaa paralysed and immobile. He was in that state till when the Oyo warriors overran him later.

What has the 17 executive members from the 27 from his ward he took to Abuja been able to salvage for him from the party?

What has the house of assembly members he tried to reinstate been able to do? But he has seen what the electorate and masses whom he has little regard for is capable of doing.

What has all the invective poured on Obaseki and PDP leaders in the state achieved for Ize-Iyamu?

As God will have it, despite all the posturing before the people of Edo, the people had both their say and way. It only shows the truism in

William Inge statement that; “A man may build himself a throne of bayonets, but he can’t sit on it”.

To the likes of Tony Kabaka. The game is up. All that is left is for him is to be a law abiding citizen for the next 4 years when power can change hands. I however foresee him making overtures to the governor later, as he is a street urchin who depends on political patronage.

To Osa Òkunbo. Has his deep pocket being able to buy the electorate? Has his predictions come to pass? Man is not God, being rich is not enough in all situations.

To Godwin Obaseki, according to Sam Loco Efe, “defeating your kinsman doesn’t make you a hero”.

To move Edo forward is the goal. Ize Ìyámu is a stakeholder, both of you can still work together towards a common goal.We saw Oshiomole and Ize-Iyamu work together despite previous acrimony and name calling. Afterall, impossibility is not the language of politics.

You have been vindicated. Your victory is a testament to the saying that all adversity carries with it a greater seed of benefit. You have appealed to the reasoning of Edo people and they have reposed their faith in you. Ignore all the rants and attacks from the juggernauts of the party that lost to you. One with God is a majority. God and the people stood by you, that is enough for you to put behind you all events of the last few months and give Edo people good governance going forward and a reassurance of your determination to commit to democratic values so that they can continue to believe in the political process.

To Pastor Osagie Ize Ìyamu, failure is a good begin again. Learn from Ross Perot in America on his quest to be president of USA 3 times. Learn from Muhammadu Buhari who contested to be president 3 times before succeeding the 4th time. Learn from Atiku Abubakar who has been aspiring since 1992 to be president, and has contested twice. Learn from Iyiola Omisore and Jimi Agbaje who have contested gubernatorial elections twice. If it is destined and you remain persistent, your time will come.

Your fortune may have been different but Oshiomole’s unbridled ego and tongue was a strong catalyst for your failure at the just concluded polls. Be mindful of those around you next time and what they have said about you in the past. Words once they come out is irretrievable and it shapes people’s perception. Oshiomole’s macabre dance trying to rebrand you before the very people he had hitherto said nasty things about you was an effort in futility. Any wise man would have known that you can fool some of the people all the time, all the people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all the time according to Abraham Lincoln.

To PDP, kudos for understanding that power comes from the people. Also, your campaign strategy of using previous Oshiomole’s appraisal and praise singing of Obaseki was enough campaign material.

To Philip Shuaibu, you remain the MVP alongside the electorate especially the youth who remained vigilant. You chose the path of honour when you could have simply benefitted from the fracas between Oshiomole and Obaseki. You stood with the man with whom you share a mandate. You showed that loyalty is a virtue and it is good to be loyal to the end.

To the people of Edo- Edo mo O!

Your resolve and determination as a people is laudable. You have given the nation a new direction about safeguarding of votes and being alert as shown in the attached pictures. Truly, eternal vigilance is the price of liberty and according to Mahatma Ghandhi; “Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment. Full effort is full victory”.

I hope lessons have been learnt about underestimating the power of the electorate and masses.

Politicians need to begin to realise and learn that they are at the mercy of the masses and not the other way round.

On a lighter mood as well and in the words of Adams Oshiomole; “I think that for democracy to flourish, only people that can accept the pain of #rigging (sorry pain of defeat) should participate in an election”.

The greatest take away however is the resilience of the Edo electorate which can only be well captured in the words of Aristotle that;

“When a people find themselves compelled to obey an arbitrary power and they obey, they do well but immediately they find themselves strong enough to reject their yoke and they do, they do better”.

I see a greater Edo and Nigeria going forward.

Also we saw that God has a history of using the insignificant to accomplish the possible.



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