Prepare for mother of lockdown-Labour

Ahead of September 28 planned nationwide mass protests and strikes, Organised Labour yesterday advised Nigerians to stock foods and make necessary withdrawals in the banks as the action would be an indefinite total shut down of the economy.
The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC)’s President, Ayuba Wabba in his address to the 6th Quadrennial National Delegates Conference of the National Union of Chemical, Footwear, Rubber, Leather and Non-Metallic Employees (NUCFLRANMPE) in Ibadan yesterday, said the Congress is already mobilizing Nigerians and patriotic civil society groups for the peaceful protests.
He stated, “On September 28, 2020 we will be withdrawing our services if government fails to reverse the recent price increases on petrol and electricity. I urge NUCFRLANMPE members to mobilize Nigerians within their vicinities. We also encourage you to stock up on essential items because this time around the strike will be a total lockdown.
“This time, the Nigeria Labour Congress would lead workers all over the country on an indefinite strike action. This time, the strike action will be total.”
He expressed that the recent increase in electricity tariff has presented Nigerians with the double jeopardy of dealing with astronomical increases in the price of goods and services and Covid-19.
According to him the alternative cannot be to transfer the obvious irresponsibility and failures on the part of government on innocent Nigerian workers and citizens.
He said, “The solution cannot be the arbitrary gale of hike in electricity tariff and increase in the pump price of Premium Motor Spirit, Kerosene, Diesel and other refined petroleum products leading to spiral inflation in the cost of living and robbing workers the benefit of the recent increase in national minimum wage.
“Well, Organized Labour says “NO WAY”. Enough is Enough. For over thirty years now, we have given government the chance and benefit of the doubt to fix our refineries but successive governments have failed to repay our faith with necessary actions. The truth is that there is no acceptable logic why our refineries should not be working. There is no acceptable explanation why we cannot produce enough megawatts of electricity to power the potentials of our people and industries including chemical, leather, rubber, footwear and non-metallic industries.”
The NLC President also said that there is no reason why Nigeria would invest billions of dollars in the power sector and in turn-around maintenance for the public refineries and yet all the refineries are in comatose and still, no contractor has as much been quizzed or prosecuted for this colossal scale of economic sabotage.
Wabba warned that Nigerian workers and people have had enough already and would do as they did in 2016.
In the same vein, the National Union of Banks Insurance and Financial Institutions Employees (NUBIFIE) yesterday directed its zonal officers domestic units to commence mobilization and sensitisation of members in different banks across the country for the withdrawal of their services from Monday September 28.
This is even as it advised their customers to make withdrawals that would be sufficient for them while the strike and protests last.
In a letter signed by the General Secretary of the union, Mohammed Sheik, the union said it was in adherence to the meeting of the the National Executive Council ( NEC) of NLC on September 22 and hence demanded total compliance from the members.


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