Menace Of Killer Container On Our Road

When will Nigeria Government take the issue of killer container truck seriously ?
The reoccurring unfortunate death of innocent citizens as a result of the irresponsibility and madness of this truck drivers is becoming worrisome .
It is  sickening that the citizens of a country are endangered species as a result of the inaction and irresponsibility of its Government
Finding a lasting solution to this perpetual tragedy is beyond false sympathy and cosmetic condolence visit to bereaved family members.
This cyclic of madness is beyond knee jerk reaction by the Government but deliberate efforts to repair our deplorable roads and maximum punishment for deviants truck owners and drivers .
The past unfortunate death of the students of Olabisi Onabanjo university  in a full loaded bus as a result of truck carrying container is enough for any serious Government to be outraged and stop this irresponsibility .
I could remember that some years ago there was a law banning truck carrying container but the law is now blowing in the wind . Ours is a society that makes law on paper but not in the reality . We cannot continue in this pattern of temporary outrage when this unfortunate incident occurs only to wait for the next victim . The agencies saddled with the responsibility of curbing this menace need to stand up to its responsibility.
We the citizens cannot continue to be helpless on this issue because we never knew who will be the next victim of this gross irresponsibility ; This is beyond it is not my portion religion rhetorics but being our brothers keeper. It is a tragedy for any nation to have an irresponsible leadership and docile followers .
The Government should acts now and save the life of its citizens.


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